U.S. Deported 368,644 foreigners in FY 2013

At a recent meeting, a client asked me how many foreigners were deported annually. After doing some digging, we were surprised to find that the United States government deported 368,644 foreigners during the 2013 fiscal year.

The NY Times article, entitled "U.S. Deportations Decline; Felons Made Up Big Share" (click here for the article), sheds light on the number of deportations made during the Obama administration. Although deportations were down 10% from 2012, the total number of deportations during his administration were over 1.9 million; according to the article, this represents "...the most for an American president"

Source: "U.S. Deportations Decline; Felons Made Up Big Share", NyTimes.com, 12/19/2013.