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Duplicate Biometrics Appointment Notices (Updated)

According to AILA, attorneys throughout the country have noted that clients have received a second biometrics appointment notice after receiving a initial notice and appearing for biometrics capture. AILA has contacted USCIS about this issue and we will provide an update shortly.

>> UPDATE from AILA 9/30/2014: The Texas Service Center (TSC) has informed AILA that it is aware that duplicate biometrics notices are being sent to attorneys and/or clients and is working to correct the problem. In the meantime, TSC suggests that clients with apparent duplicate Application Support Center (ASC) notices attend only one appointment, but take both ASC appointment notices and notify the ASC staff of all related pending form types requiring biometric appointments.

>>UPDATE from AILA:USCIS is aware of the issue of duplicate biometrics notices being issued in some cases and has stated that if a duplicate notice is received and the client has already attended an ASC appointment and had biometrics captured, it should not be necessary to attend the second appointment.


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