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B-2 Visa or Tourist Visa

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Amateur artists visiting the US to participate in a contest or perform in charitable functions can apply for a B-2 Tourist Visa. This visa has fewer qualification standards than the rest and is easier to obtain for most amateur artists. 


  • Artists are not required to obtain an approved petition from the USCIS before going for stamping at the local consulate. 
  • They can apply for a B-2 Tourist Visa at the nearest US consulate.
  • A sponsor is not required for approval. 
  • B-2 visas are processed relatively quickly (in comparison to the other visas).


  • Only amateur artists with no track record of being paid for their services can apply. 
  • Artists cannot earn a salary while performing in the US.
  • Initial visa validity is only six months but may be extended.
  • Dependents need to qualify for a B-2 Tourist Visa to be able to join the artist. 

B-2 Visa Requirements:

  • The artist must demonstrate binding ties to the home country, such as permanent residence, proof of employment, or a family. 
  • The artist must have sufficient funds to finance the trip. 
  • The artist agrees not to receive any remuneration for performances during the trip. 

When applying for a US artist visa, timely approval is crucial, especially when there’s a performance deadline ahead. To be quickly approved, artists and their agents must ensure they apply for the correct types and complete all the US artist visa requirements, especially the proof of an artist’s abilities. In recent years, the USCIS has nitpicked various reasons to deny cases, causing significant delays in visa applications. 

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