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EB1-B (Outstanding Professors/Researcher)

Table of Contents

Do you want to be classified as a Outstanding Professor or Researcher? 

1. Overview

To be eligible for the EB1B classification, you must be a professor or researcher of international acclaim! The EB1 category is generally more favorable to other classifications because you become eligible for a green card much sooner. However, you must have international recognition for your work in a particular field PRIOR to the filing of the immigrant petition. The evidence submitted with your petition must establish that you have been internationally recognized in a particular academic field as a professor or researcher. The following lists the position’s general requirements and your general requirements:

2. Position’s General Requirements:

1. The future position must be a permanent position

2. The employment must be either at a University, Higher Educational Institution or another employer that conducts research and employs at least three full time researchers and has documented evidence of research work and accomplishments in the field.

3. A Ph.D. is not required but may be helpful; and

4. The position must be a job as a Professor or Researcher.

3. Candidate’s General Requirements:

1. You must have gained international recognition by at least two of the following means:

a.     You received a major prize/award for your work in the field.

b.     You are a member of an association, where membership is based on outstanding accomplishment in the field.

c.     Other’s in the field have published articles/materials in professional journals citing your work.

d.     You have been a judge of other people’s work in the field or in related fields.

e.     You have conducted original scientific or scholarly research that is considered to be a contribution to the field.

f.      You have been a published author of either books or articles in scholarly journals that are circulated internationally.

2. You must have 3 or more years of teaching and/or research experience in the field. Remember, this can be a combination of research and teaching. However, it may also include work done while working on an advanced degree!

3. You must have come to the U.S. in an employment position which is either already tenured or is on track to achieving tenure at a U.S. university, or in some circumstances, another organization.

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