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EB1-C (Multinational Manager or Executive)

Table of Contents

1. Overview

In order to be classified as a Manger or Multinational Executive for the purpose of obtaining a EB-1(C) the individual must be a executive or managerial transferee of a foreign company to the corresponding or related U.S. company (an affiliate, or a subsidiary).

2. General Requirements for the EB-1(C) position:

1.     The U.S. job for which the candidate is a petitioner in EB-1(C) must be an executive or managerial position.

2.     The U.S. petitioning company and the foreign entity where the candidate achieved the required work experience has a qualifying relationship (an affiliate, or a subsidiary)

3. General Requirements for the EB-1(C) candidate: 

1.     The candidate  must have worked in a executive or manager position for the petitioner or a related company (an affiliate, or a subsidiary) for one out of the past three years prior to filing the petition or prior to the candidate entering the U.S. to work for the petitioner.

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