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Employment-Based Green Card Interview: Experience, Preparation and What To Expect

Here are some tips and what to expect for a Green Card interview with USCIS. Our youtube video also includes real-life experience on how to prepare with our client who recently found success in his Employment-based Green Card interview!

Use this link to view our video:


Tips before an interview:

  • Study the Adjustment of Status package that was submitted to USCIS
  • Study your Labor Certification
  • Know the petitioner (your future GC-based employer) and information about the company
  • Maintain consistency with publicly available information (linked in profile, etc)
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Always dress professionally, be respectful and confident, stay calm while being aware of the situation

Additional preparation:

  • Write down important dates on a “cheat sheet” so you know the correct information such as entry dates, exit dates, and other key elements to your case etc.
  • Know your job profile, such as job duties, pay, what status you were on when working, the job location you were working at and other significant details
  • Treat this process as you are going into an exam 
  • Be familiar with the interview location, for example, search where you will need to park and the surrounding area to alleviate any anxiety you may have

When you are at the interview, what should you expect?

  • Remember you will go through a security checkpoint before your interview
  • You will be required to show photo identification, the interview letter and you can submit any other additional documents such as sealed medicals documents
  • You will wait till your name is called
  • You will be escorted to the interview’s office, they may take individual photographs of you and your fingerprints may be redone
  • The interviewer will conduct introductions and oaths which is to confirm you will be honest throughout the interview
  • You may have to waive the right to have an attorney present during the interview if an attorney is not with you.
  • There may be a questionnaire which may ask you questions about yourself, your employer, job duties and benefits
  • If you are being interviewed with your spouse, both should be ready to address questions regarding your marriage
  • Remember that this is a conversation between you and the interviewer, always stay calm, be respectful, and make sure you answer in short and direct sentences
  • Be kind even if the interviewer has a negative attitude, they may be having a bad day and this may be one of many interviews for them
  • Stay positive!

Follow these tips and prepare to have a successful green card interview! Feel free to contact us at 646-821-4000 with more questions and schedule a consultation at We look forward to helping you!


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