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Can I Travel While My Green Card Is Pending?

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I get this question quite often, “Can I travel while my green card is pending?” My answer is typically “Maybe!” Clients are often concerned about whether traveling will cause the abandonment of their pending green card or advanced parole.

In general, attorneys file “adjustment of status” or “green card” cases along with employment authorization document and advanced parole. The employment authorization document is known as the EAD card and it allows you to work in the country. The Advanced parole document allows you to travel into the country. At our firm, we take a conservative approach to immigration. As such, I strongly encourage you be very cautious. Traveling without the right documentation can be considered an abandonment of a pending advanced parole case or much worse, a pending green card! Watch this video where I’ll go through 4 typical scenarios I come across and end the video with a few recommendations!

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